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The concept of guidance and counseling is as old as human civilization. In earlier times, young people were guided by the elders and more experienced persons in the family. However, guidance was limited at that time as life was so simple. But if we talk about today’s life, there are so many complications to living a happy life and a better future.

So guidance has become an important part of our day-to-day life. Many times we have a feeling of being stuck, need help in improving our relationship, or want to achieve personal and professional goals. So there are so many times when we need help and advice related to work, career, education, personal relationship, and period of adolescence. Guidance helps to prepare a person for his future life.
Guidance and counseling are the processes that help people when they feel that they are in challenging situations and can not find a way to deal with them. So we can say Guidance and counseling are required at various stages of our development, right from birth to the end. So Guidance is the assistance that is given to individuals to help, discover, and develop their potential to solve problems or improve something. In this way guidance is a process of all-round development.

Whereas counseling is a part and specialized service of guidance. It is somewhat a ‘talk therapy’ that is confidential and non-judgmental and it includes working with feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and conflicts. Guidance and counseling allow individuals to recognize their talents and abilities. It develops a sense of self-direction and resourcefulness in individuals.

Career Counseling

Rs.1000/- per 10 minutes.

Marriage Counseling

Rs.1000/- per 10 minutes.

Relationship Counseling

Rs.1000/- per 10 minutes.

Sex Relation Counseling

Rs.1500/- per 10 minutes.

Study Counseling

Rs.750/- per 10 minutes.

Life Counseling

Ask for price.