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All things in the universe are connected and in relationship with one another. Somehow, since the dawn of time, mankind has intuitively known this. Technically, astrology is the study of the correlation between the heavenly bodies and events on Earth. Astrologers use a combination of scientific knowledge about the cosmos, scientific tools, intuition, and psychology. Astrology works with energy patterns, with a basis in the elements, similar to the studies of yoga, feng shui, numerology, crystal healing, and acupuncture.

It focuses on relationships, patterns, and cycles, and opens doors into understanding our psychological nature. Astrology moves us past the surface-level focus on what we’re doing, to why we’re doing it, and into the deeper need or desire beneath. This type of understanding leads to increased acceptance, compassion, sense of meaning and purpose, and inspiration to evolve.

According to Carl Jung, our Soul speaks to us through the language of images and symbols. Astrological planets are archetypal symbols. Astrology provides techniques for receiving and translating concepts and knowledge in ways our human minds can understand. In many ways, it’s a bridge connecting the many parts with the whole; the micro and macrocosm; our conscious and unconscious mind. Some people believe the planets cause events, circumstances, and feelings. Another perspective is that the planets provide a mirror or reflection; reflecting the energy below. The cosmos have eternally filled us with curiosity and awe. Through the practice of astrology, we continue to watch the nighttime sky for answers, guidance, and timeless wisdom.

Corporate Astrology




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Lucky Stone or Birth Stone Suggestion


Love Life Study


Medical Astrology


Astrological Investment Planning


Career Astrology



Student Career Report

Find answers to your questions regarding your child’s education by Astrology service. We are a pioneer organization offering Vedic services and solutions to solve your problems and help you take informed decisions about your child’s education.


Marriage Report

Marriage Astrology report is a very comprehensive report on married life. You birth chart hold vital clues to your married life, your spouse and how your life would be after marriage.


Sex Life Report

In sex astrology, a person gets physical pleasure due to the compatibility of the planet Venus. Which includes home, vehicle, etc. in sex horoscope compatibility. Apart from this, Venus is also considered a factor of sexual organs and semen, physical relationship in astrology.


Health Report

Astrology could be able to predict about person health, possibility of types of diseases, a person might be face during his life period using person birth chart. Astrology could be able to predict a viable remedies which will be helpful to a person to come out of such difficulties and could be able to lead a happy and balance leaving style.


Wealth Report

Wealth Predictions show your possibilities with wealth and assets. It predicts the ups and downs regarding your wealth as well as the opportunities for gaining money, land, or properties.Financial challenges can be a result of specific yogas or problems in your horoscope.


Business Report

Astrology helps a person, an entrepreneur to select the right business. When you are going to start a new business, then there is a curiosity to know the success of business. A question always arises. Whether my business will be successful or not? How many days I have to wait to get good returns? There are so many questions that arise in the mind of a business person.


Investment Report

Investment Portfolio Astrology report can make it possible for you to make riches by investing in the right kind of investment instruments for the required duration of time.

Your horoscope holds vital clues to the kind of Investment Portfolio you should maintain to optimize your return on investment.


Love Life Compatibility Report

Astrology determines the true nature of a person and compares it with that of the other person to find out the love compatibility among the natives. The primary purpose of going for a horoscope love match is to find out the love compatibility percentage that both the natives natal charts signify.


Manglik Report

In Vedic astrology, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Sun are considered cruel planets. Mars is the cruelest planet afflicting the birth horoscope of a person. If placed unfavorably, Mars is the most damaging planet for the married life.


Vedic Lifestyle Report

You may be wondering … What is the true purpose of the soul? Can you achieve that inner balance and harmony before the end of the journey of life?