Match Making

Match Making

Match Making refers to the act of getting married or the state of being married. It is a significant milestone in one's life and is often considered one of the most important decisions that a person can make. Match Making or marriage is also an important aspect of astrology. Astrology can also be used for matching horoscopes before marriage, known as Kundli matching or Kundli Milan. This involves analyzing the planetary positions in both the horoscopes to assess compatibility and potential challenges in the marriage. In Vedic astrology, the 7th house of the horoscope represents marriage and partnerships. The placement of planets in the 7th house, along with their aspects and conjunctions, can provide insight into the nature of one's future spouse and the success or challenges in the marriage.

Match Making predictions can include determining the optimal time for marriage, identifying the characteristics of one's future life partner, assessing the potential for a love or arranged marriage, evaluating the compatibility between partners, predicting the prospects of having children, and analyzing various other aspects related to before and after marriage. By providing insights into these aspects, marriage prediction can help individuals make informed decisions about their future and pave the way for a happy and fulfilling married life.

Marriage predictions require the assistance of an astrologer, but their effectiveness depends on an individual's efforts and intentions. In other words, the accuracy of marriage predictions is contingent on an individual's level of attentiveness and seriousness towards the predictions. Therefore, it is essential to remain active and engaged in the prediction process to reap the benefits rights provided by astrology.

Pre Marriage Counseling

It is a type of counseling that is designed to help couples with marriage. This type of counseling typically takes place before the wedding and involves working with a licensed counselor to address any issues that may arise during the marriage.

The main goal of pre-marriage counseling is to identify what may arise during the course of the marriage. This can include topics such as communication, financial management, conflict resolution, family planning, and more. The counseling sessions may be conducted individually or with the couple together, depending on their preferences and the nature of the issues being addressed.

Pre-marriage counseling can help couples build a strong foundation for their marriage by providing them with the tools and resources they need to navigate potential challenges and maintain a healthy relationship. It can also help couples identify any areas of concern and work through them before they become larger issues that could potentially harm the relationship.

Post marriage counseling

Post marriage counseling is designed to help couples strengthen their relationship, improve communication, and develop healthy coping mechanisms after getting married. During post marriage counseling, couples learn how to effectively communicate their needs and feelings, resolve conflicts in a constructive manner, and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other. The goal of post marriage counseling is to help couples build a strong, healthy, and fulfilling relationship that can withstand the challenges and obstacles of life.

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