A knowledgeable guide who interprets celestial influences to provide insights and predictions for individuals' lives and destinies.

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Vastu Shastra

An ancient Indian architectural science that harmonizes the energy flow in living spaces to promote balance and prosperity.

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Guidance & Counselling

Seek advice from an experienced astrologer to gain valuable insights and find solutions for life's challenges.

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Vedic Lifestyle

Embrace the ancient wisdom of Vedic practices to promote holistic well-being and create harmony in mind, body, and soul.

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Discover effective solutions and practices to alleviate negative influences and enhance positive energy in your life.

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Corporate Astrology

Leverage astrological insights and guidance to enhance productivity, employee engagement, and business success in the corporate world.

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Kundali Making

Expertly analyze birth charts to provide accurate predictions and valuable insights for individuals' lives and future events.

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Match making

Astrologer-assisted match making: Discover cosmic compatibility, analyze birth charts, and find perfect life partners based on astrological insights for everlasting love and harmony.

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What Our Customers Say

Amazing astrological insights! The astrologer provided accurate predictions and valuable guidance. Highly recommended for anyone seeking clarity and direction.

He has lot of maturity in terms of analysis of astrology in today’s world context and give practical and realistic suggestions as well as solutions. He is very considerate, understanding and keen observer.

Shireesh Dwivedi - Astrologer

Acharya Shekhar Maharaj has in depth knowledge of astrology and his predictions are very strong,a very humble human being a great guide and a perfect life coach.Best Regards,Deepesh Sharma

Deepesh Sharma - Astrologer

Acharya shekhar ji is having excellent comand on astrology and great councelling skills.

Shivendra Dubey - Astrologer

Excellent Consultation with great insights of your life and career. Thanks for making my life successful.

Vishal Mandle - Astrologer

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Kenneth - Astrologer

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A. Dennett - Astrologer