Red Coral gemstone is used to boost the energy of Mars in the horoscope. Other benefits of this gemstone are: Red coral can help the wearer overcome his enemies and adversaries. … Red Coral gemstone imparts courage and helps in overcoming fear and nervousness in the individual.

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In Indian Vedic astrology, Red Coral or Moonga holds great significance. Owned by the powerful planet Mars (Mangal), red coral is vastly beneficial in inspiring the wearer for creative work and delivering peace. A coral ring made in gold or copper metal is recommended to be worn on Tuesday on the ring finger for fetching good luck, power, position, and prosperity. Coral gemstone not only brings authority and social respect in the life of the wearer, but it is also known for drawing better health. Coral is been associated with the month of January, February, and March and is considered as an auspicious birthstone for the Zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. However, not everyone is advised to wear Red Coral. Natives of Gemini ascendant should never wear a piece of coral gemstone, especially without consulting a qualified astrologer. On the account of global environmental protection rules, the production of the Coral gemstone is nowadays getting regulated on several stages that result in the decline of its trade.


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